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Call reporting provides information on your most important area of business - how you are communicating with your customers – as well as looking what your communication performance is and where your costs are coming from.

There are a number of ways that call reporting can be useful to your business. Call reporting can be used to track the number of calls made and received, tracking staff performance on both an individual and team level.

You can also use call reporting to compare against your incoming telecom bills to ensure you are being charged correctly. Call reporting can also be useful for allocating costs to internal teams or departments as well as for various project and billing functions.


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CyReport™ provides your business with the means to collect, report and analyse on your telephone system. This can be done as a company-wide analysis, or broken down by department, team, or even to on a single telephone extension.

CyReport™ can work to empower your business with accountability, providing you with the means to create new chargeable or chargeback services, enabling you to manage and check your telephone costs, and identifying areas of performance that need improving.

Benefits of CyReport™:

  • Service/Performance Monitoring - CyReport™ can help you evaluate whether you are meeting your service levels, including whether you have enough sales staff to take calls, whether you have adequate service staff and whether telephones being answered in a timely manner.
  • Cost Control – Call costs are a big business expenses, but many companies, don’t know where that money is going. CyReport™ can be used to find out which services your staff use most frequently, what time of day the services are used and which department or team is using those services.
  • Billing and Divisional Cost Allocation - The CyReport™ charging modules allow for billing and cost allocation by extension or to division allocated by the directory. Whether it be a corporate environment, hospitality or bureau service, CyReport™ provides powerful and flexible means of collecting costs and services provided into its database and provides billing and transaction reporting to logical or physical account codes or projects or divisions. As well as variable cost collection data, CyReport™ allows fixed costs such as rentals and service charges to be entered into the directory for each business unit or user and allow integrated billing of fixed and variable charges.
  • Call Centre Management - Whether the calls you manage are inbound, outbound or both, managing resources and evaluating performance and costs is paramount. CyReport™ provides an advanced range of features to meet call centre needs, from reporting, to cost allocation and billing of services, to agent action and break reporting.

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PABXSoft Call Reporting software is used by businesses around the world to report on telephone call activity within the office. The software creates reports on incoming and outgoing calls and can create automatic report scheduling to email, printer or file. It also offers specialist functions for hotels, motels, legal and accounting, schools, and serviced offices.

The benefit of this system is that you can view your call usage immediately, and at any time without having to wait for a bill from your service provider. And, unlike your phone bill, which only lists your outgoing calls, with PABXsoft you can drill right down to the calls made by each person in each office, and group people into departments.

Benefits of PABXSoft:

  • PABXSoft Telephone Management software provides business managers with the information they need to improve customer service, raise performance standards, identify fraud, and cut operating costs.
  • PABXSoft provides a suite of simple to understand reports that anyone on your office LAN can run at any time of the day. You can even schedule reports to print out or e-mail automatically overnight.
  • PABXSoft provides real-time call statistics and charts so you can instantly check on the productivity of any of your staff or departments, and monitor the level of service you are providing to your incoming callers.
  • PABXSoft is used in every industry category and in over 80,000 businesses worldwide.

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