Door Stations

At A & B Communications we offer a large range of door stations for remote access to your business premises.

Whether you are looking for a system to work with a gate or a door, or if you want the ability to release a locked door from your mobile phone, we have the right product for you.

The following are some of the door station products we offer:


Pantel ITS Door Station

The Pantel Door Phone can be connected to an analogue port of a PBX or Via VoIP and allows the dialled party to open the door for the caller using the telephone keypad. Features of the Pantel Door Phone include:

  • Direct dialling to the assigned extension/number
  • Door opening from any extension
  • Programmable day and night destinations
  • Wall mounted design
  • Works in conjunction with card readers and security
  • Handsfree intercom
  • Simple to operate and program

pdf button ITS - Door Station Brochure

Mastercall 2000 Door Station

Mastercall Door Phone Design 2000

Design 2000 offers door telephones in a variety of models.

The Mastercall Door Phone Model MD-4900 has a line-powered inbuilt telephone dialler and handsfree speaker phone, which automatically connects visitors at your premises door or gate directly to you on your PABX extension, mobile phone, or any other telephone.

This unit is unique due to its small size, slim style, performance and compatibility with any phone system. It is robust yet unobtrusive. This system is ideal for security conscious households or businesses that want things made simple and easy.


pdf button Design 2000 - MD-4900 Brochure

Dallas Delta Sentry Door Stations

Dallas Delta SentryDoor Station

The Sentry Doorstation series are powerful all in one, interactive telephone units.

They offer security and control at your finger tips and are designed to fit any place you require a loud speaker or hands-free telephone.

The Sentry Doorstation series works well in homes, hotels, hospitals and universities, as well as in many business and commercial settings.

Call A & B Communications to talk to one of your experts about how the series could work in your business.


pdf button Dallas Delta - Sentry Series Brochure

Talk to A & B Communications today about our range of door stations for your business.


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