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If your business needs a phone system that will handle two (2) to four (4) lines and up to eight (8) handsets at an affordable price, then the Aristel AV Series phone system could be the best choice for you. At A & B Communications we will talk to you about your business requirements before working with you to choose the best phone system for you.

The Aristel AV series is designed with the needs of cost-conscious businesses in mind, offering value for money in a technically advanced phone system. The system combines user-friendly design with convenient features to create the ultimate easy-to-use business phone system.

Another advantage of the system is that it gives you a choice of handsets, allowing businesses to select the handsets that best suit their needs. The 20-button Nova is ideal for most businesses, or you may prefer the SuperNova, which features 25 buttons and an illuminated display.

The AV Series Phone System is available in two configurations:


AV 20 Series

  • Standard 2 lines (maximum 4) - PSTN only
  • Standard 8 extensions (maximum 16)
  • Note: Extensions can be either keyphones, standard telephones, or cordless

AV 38 Series

  • Standard 4 lines (maximum 12) - PSTN or ISDN 2
  • Standard 8 extensions (maximum 26)
  • Note: Extensions can be either keyphones, standard telephones or cordless

Supernova 25 Button White Keyphone




Supernova 25 Button Grey Keyphone



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Talk to an A & B Communications expert today about which style of Aristel phone system would best suit your business.

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