What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” or, simply, a phone call going over the Internet.

There are three different ways in which VoIP can be used.

  1. Making a call over the Internet (trunk calls)
  2. Linking your sites via VoIP over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) link or for the remote worker
  3. IP extensions (handsets, laptops, etc.)

How does VoIP work?

Making a VoIP call is almost like sending a letter in the post with a designated delivery address, only in this case it is a phone number you are calling rather than an address.

When you make a VoIP Call, it is like sending your speech out in envelopes in the mail.Each word is given its own envelope. It then enters the World Wide Web into a Telstra Exchange where the signal is converted and sent down the Telstra Copper Wire network to the final destination.

What Internet connection will suit my needs?

This is where things become more critical. If you want to use VoIP, it is important that you have the right speed Internet connection to handle voice calls.

For example, if you had a standard ADSL connection, depending on the speed of your service, you may find that your Internet service currently slows down at certain times of the day. This means your speed is dependant on how many other people are using ADSL in your area.

If your Internet service is affected by this “slowing down”, then your VoIP calls may be prone to pauses or “broken” conversation. In these circumstances you might need to look at upgrading your Internet service to a Business Grade DSL plan in order to guarantee your speeds before considering VoIP as an option.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. At A & B Communications our qualified staff can find you the right Internet plan to meet your needs. We can also review your call patterns and spend to determine whether VoIP is the right solution for you.

Talk to A & B Communications about how the VoIP system could work for your business.

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