A&B Communications Training

When it comes to your new phone system, the specialist team at A & B Communications recognise that training is as important as the solution itself. After all, what good is a new system if you don’t know how to operate it?

On the day of installation our technician will give you basic training covering the following:

  • Making a call, putting callers on hold and transferring calls
  • Using your voicemail
  • Activating Night Switch, if installed

We then allow you to use the system for a couple of days to ensure that the system is answering and delivering calls and meeting your requirements.

At this point, our professional trainer will book a convenient time to come in and conduct more detailed training and make any minor programming changes you require. Our professional trainer will tailor a training package to match your needs. Some of the training aspects covered will include:

  • Making a call, putting callers on hold and transferring calls
  • Setting up of your voicemail, using and retrieving your voicemail (if installed)
  • Using the phone handset features
  • Making basic system programming changes
  • Adding and modifying speed dials
  • Further tailored training is also conducted to meet your system set up

Refresher Training Packages

Quite often staff forget how to use certain features of the phone system, or new staff come on board who need training. If you don’t have time to train them on your new phone system, or need a reminder yourself, why not call us to book a refresher training session? The benefit of refresher training is that you are able to learn about the features that will save your staff time and your business money, which in turn improves business productivity.


Talk to an A & B Communications expert today about a Refresher Training Package to suit your business.

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