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Alcatel-Lucent Phone Systems

The Alcatel-Lucent PCX telephone system is a server that combines the latest VoIP and CTI technology. It is a pure IP solution that is backwards compatible as a VoIP PBX Hybrid system.

What this means is that you can mix and match with the latest technology to set up the best possible solution for your business. You can choose between digital handsets and IP handsets for your business, whether you require the latest technology or where running a cabled point has become an issue.

You can simplify your in-site cabling infrastructure by connecting telephones to the same cable as your PCs. The system is also useful if you have a second office or warehouse across the road, interstate or even overseas. It allows you to avoid high call costs by utilising your existing worldwide data connections.

The benefit of using a hybrid system is that your business can have the best of both worlds, with the reliability of a carrier’s (e.g. Telstra) PSTN, ISDN or Primary Rate network, as well as SIP trunking. The choice is yours.

Alcatel IP Touch 4068
Alcatel IP Touch 4038
Alcatel IP Touch 4018
Alcatel IP Touch 4028

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LG-Ericsson Phone Systems

LG 7024 IP Handset
LG 7024 IP Handset

LG-Ericsson’s Aria Telephone System offers VoIP capability that has been built on reliability. The Aria starts as a traditional PBX system but has the benefit of being able to introduce VoIP services, which include features such as IP extensions in home or remote offices, networking between office sites for operational transparency and call savings.

Another benefit of the Aria system is that Aria IP handsets offer you the freedom to move around the office, because your phone can move with you. Aria IP handsets can be plugged into any LAN port on the network. Our expert A & B Communications staff can even configure the handsets so that they can be taken home to be used with a home computer, allowing you to connect from there to your office via your ADSL service.


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